FamilyClick is a private network for families with children that want to stay connected with their relatives in a fun and easy way, despite the distance.

With FamilyClick kids and their family members can share live activities in real-time while video-chatting; watch a video together, read a book together, or draw together. Families can even upload their personal videos and pictures and look at them together in a private and secure environment.

Imagine living 3,000 miles away from your those you love. You have nephews, nieces or grandchildren that live on the other side of the world. You visit them only for Christmas only for a couple of days. You don't see how they are growing up or changing; what they enjoy doing or get to see their school play with them. How would this affect you?

Now let’s dream: Imagine a place where you could read to them a bedtime story every night. Imagine a place where you can watch their school play video together on the weekends. Imagine that you can draw a picture together and then place it on the fridge. Just like when you visit! Imagine that you can be with them every day… no matter the distance. 

Living away from your family can be tough, and we know it. After living in more than 5 countries, and having our children living away from their relatives we decided to find a way to improve their communication and interaction. We didn't want our children to grow up without really knowing and getting to know the rest of the family. That's how FamilyClick was born.

“There has to be something out there better than the regular chats or social networks”, we thought. But, surprise…! there were none.

We felt there had to be an easier way for our parents and siblings to communicate with our young children. Video-chats were just not working for us. We had to be with the kids during the entire chat session, because the other web-chats have no incentive for the children to focus and pay attention to their relatives. And it was almost impossible to keep them interested in the conversation. Boredom and frustration were very much a part of our video-chat experience.

Social networks felt unsafe and inappropriate; plus we wanted our kids to have quality entertainment while they were on our computer as well as make the experience enriching and rewarding for everyone involved. In one word, we wanted everyone to have FUN!

We hope that your experience in will be as life changing as it has been for us.  Our team is dedicated to providing long distance families a safe, healthy and entertaining family room for creating better family interaction and relationships. was created and developed by a seasoned team of professionals from the marketing, communication, finance and legal fields.  We have a combined 60 years of experience with companies such as CNN, Discovery Channel, Fox, Nat Geo and AOL in the areas of web startup, management and content. We have decided to pull our talent together to create a place where families can have a quality bonding experience.